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Immerse in Divine Love Frequencies

Love Notes

Lisa, your spirit and caring, as well as your talent in bringing out the beauty of your singing bowls, helps to pen up my spirit to mindfulness and creativity.  I thank you.
~ Claudia D., client
Lisa's help and guidance for each student was exceptional !  As well as giving a very excellent preliminary lecture and discussion!
~ Bob L., student
Lisa is an amazing teacher, mentor and healing practitioner who has changed my life. Since I have been attending her classes on meditation, spiritual tools and energy work, I have been able to experience physical and emotional healing. Through the skills I've learned I have also been able to help others begin to heal conditions such as traumatic physical pain. She has led me to a spiritual awakening like no one has before. In these difficult times our world faces I recommend her services to anyone who is looking to improve their lives and all others around them. 
~ Danielle D., student

Lisa is a wonderful gifted spiritual teacher. I have taken several classes with her and love them all. Lisa embodies the energy of love. She is very dedicated to her students and always willing to help! Lisa loves to teach and mentor her students. Taking a class with Lisa is truly a spiritual gift.
~ L.A., student
Lisa teaches many interesting classes and performs a wide variety of therapies.  She has an extensive knowledge of crystals and their properties which she is always willing to share with others.  I love her Crystal Meditation and Sound Bath classes, which are beautiful, relaxing, and therapeutic.  Lisa is a loving teacher/therapist with a great sense of humor too!  Want to enjoy a new experience?  Give Lisa a try---you will be amazed!
~ Joan W, student
I have been a client of Lisa's for her group sessions- crystal sound baths and crystal meditations and as a client for individual sessions.  Lisa creates strong sacred space for the sessions she holds, infusing the environment with loving energies. Lisa has a compassionate heart and is a soothing force in both group and one on one settings. She operates from a place of love and has deep wisdom, as well as an openness to share practical knowledge about her healing practices.  As a teacher and facilitator, she is a humbled yet powerful presence, offering many techniques and useful skills. Lisa takes it upon herself to empower her students to find their personal divine light and to honor their own magic as they travel their spiritual path, undergo inner development, and explore future work.  I would highly recommend Lisa as a healer and teacher. I am honored to know her.
-Milo, student and client