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            awaken to your cosmic heart 

Spiritual Awakening

New Paradigm MDT
(Individual Sessions and Workshops)

New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation is a system that is transformational, assisting people to become free from fear, stepping into their own power, and live more and more from their true essence. 

At this time the whole earth and humanity are making a multidimensional shift from 3D through 4D to 5D or higher. Our physical and light bodies are transforming,  in order to be able to hold more light. The shift and the vibrational increase are both caused by and are causing paradigm shifts throughout the Universe. We are undergoing a crystalline transformation, a vibrational transformation, a paradigm-shift transformation. We are part of a process that is on-going at this time. Cause and effect intertwined, and our point of view is expanding multi-dimensionally.  

Lisa is certified to teach the Basic Master, Basic Master Teacher, and 13D Master workshops.  For more information, please visit New Paradigm MDT website.

Living in Love and Light

(Private Mentoring Sessions)

During this golden age, a lot of people are awakening to their Divine-selves and their higher level of consciousness.  A lot of people are finding themselves on-boarding this express vehicle of light, threading rapidly on the newly found or newly discovered path that often times would evoke sense of confusions and unfamiliarity, thus leading into living in fear and disharmony.  

Whether you are newly awaken, or have been awaken for a while but seem to unable to follow your path or facing road blocks, Lisa offers deep, enlightened, and love and light-filled mentoring sessions that would assist you to either start walking your spiritual path, or get back on track.

During these personalized mentoring sessions, you will learn the tools and ways to ignite your own personal inner power, and activate your cosmic heart, that will enable you to live your life in harmony & balance, in love & light, overflowing with much sense of gratitude & joy.

Sessions are available in person or by Skype.