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            awaken to your cosmic heart 

Spiritual Awakening

Ascension Journey
individual coaching & mentoring sessions

More and more people are awakening to their higher level of consciousness which triggers the remembrance of their true-self, their Divine-Self.  People are finding themselves threading rapidly on the newly found or newly discovered path that often times would evoke a sense of confusion, thus leading into living in fear and disharmony.

Whether you are newly awaken, or have been awaken for a while but seem unable to follow your path or facing road blocks, Lisa offers deep, enlightened, and love & light-filled energy-based mentoring sessions that would assist you to either start walking your spiritual path, or get back on track.

During these personalized sessions, you will learn the tools and ways to ignite your own personal inner power, and activate your cosmic heart, that will enable you to live your life in harmony & balance, in love & light, overflowing with much sense of gratitude & joy.

These sessions are available in person or by Skype.

New Paradigm MDT
group-based workshops

New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation is a deeply personalized dynamic energy system that cultivates your sense of self-mastery, self-love, and increases your consciousness. It is a system that truly is transformational on a personal level, triggering the sense of freedom from fear, stepping into your own power and living more and more from your true essence, which is love and light.

The evolution of human consciousness is accelerating, and we are all moving naturally to a higher frequency. One of the greatest benefits of the higher frequency energy is an expansion of the capacity for loving others and ourselves, and achieving a greater spiritual self-mastery. 

In this two-day certification workshop, you will experience channeled meditations designed to help you clear away any remnants of the old paradigm, strengthen your connection to your Divine-Self, and embodying the energies of Divine Love.Through a series of high-frequency activations, you will be operating at a new, highly refined frequency that opens you to multi-dimensional awareness, perception beyond the five senses, and a profound expansion of your intuition. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, New Paradigm MDT will assist you threading your path further with more ease.