be love

            awaken to your cosmic heart 

sound alchemist, love ambassador, divine feminine catalyst, cosmic heart awakening facilitator

be love is founded by Lisa Love, out of her core belief that love trumps everything.

Surrounded by shamans since birth, Lisa became familiar with the power of Eastern medicine since a very young age.  In 2004, she was introduced to the wonderful world of energy healing -and found herself being guided to walk the path that was unknown to her at the time -yet felt very familiar.

Since then, she has studied and became certified in a wide-array of energy, spiritual, sound and vibrational based modalities by world renowned teachers, such as John Armitage, Tom Kenyon, Suzanne Lie, Dr. John Beaulieu, Christine Day, Ashana, and Jonathan Goldman ~ to name a few.

As a lightworker and wayshower, Lisa is very passionate in empowering others to recognize their true essence -and to live more and more in love and light.