be love

            awaken to your cosmic heart 

be love offers group and individual sessions, events, funshops, and journeys that would assist people in living more from their true essence, which is love and light. 

For those who are just embarking their spiritual journey, stepping the unfamiliar path, a group-based sound immersion sessions provided by be love would be a good place to start.  

When your inner being is ready, sound immersion sessions will also assist you awaken to your cosmic heart and to your cosmic heart consciousness, which is the next step in planetary evolution.  This will mark the moment when you may be ready to delve deeper into the spiritual awakening sessions and funshops offered by be love.

As you learn to live within your own cosmic heart and the cosmic heart of creation, you assist yourself as well as the humanity to the realization of oneness that lies within each of us. Reinforcing your heart connections and connecting with cosmic heart consciousness allows the Divine Alignment with expanded levels of pure Divine Love from Sources.

Connecting to cosmic heart consciousness and Divine Love reconfigure your energy system and further assist you in integrating your 5th dimensional chakra system, allowing you to radiate this refine high vibrations and frequencies into all things.  

~ be love ~